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zen reading

How Zen Are Your Online Reading Habits?

I have just started a simple daily meditation practice. I am only a few days into the process and it’s...

Untitled design

A 10-Point Blogging Checklist

In May, I gave a presentation called “Blog Bootcamp” at Tourism Academy in Minneapolis. Tourism Academy brings hundreds of destination...

Will People Use Periscope for Business Shaming?

Will People Use Periscope for Business Shaming?

When it comes to customer service, there are a few clear leaders who do everything they can to maintain customer...

marketing report design

5 Design Tips for Stunning Marketing Reports

What do you think of when you hear the words “client reporting?” For many marketers, these words generate a feeling...


Remember To Write Like A Human

I am a big fan of the HBO show, “Silicon Valley.” I love how the show pokes fun at all...

content marketing tools

4 Content Marketing Tools to Enhance Your Strategy

Whether you are just getting started with content marketing, or you are a content guru, the never-ending process of generating...

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