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A writer and marketer with 8+ years of experience, I am constantly experimenting with online marketing, social media and content strategies for businesses.

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On Beauty, Seeing and Selfies

The thick walls rise up on either side of me. As I walk along the narrow passageway, it becomes a small...

suburban living

Shared Space, Spontaneity, and Friendship

After I wrote this post about creating culture, community, and public spaces, I came across an article on Vox about how our...

Tucson’s All Souls Procession and Creating (Not Consuming) Culture

I went to The Loft Cinema last night for a special Dia de los Muertos screening of “Many Bones, One Heart,”...

zen reading

How Zen Are Your Online Reading Habits?

I have just started a simple daily meditation practice. I am only a few days into the process and it’s...

A 10-Point Blogging Checklist

In May, I gave a presentation called “Blog Bootcamp” at Tourism Academy in Minneapolis. Tourism Academy brings hundreds of destination...