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A writer and marketer with 8+ years of experience, I am constantly experimenting with online marketing, social media and content strategies for businesses.

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The 44 Training Program from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

A long time reader and big fan of, I recently completed a free series of video trainings that Leo Babauta...

powerful pose

Body Language & Presence

A few months back on a Saturday morning. I was reading a favorite blog and a link sent me to...

What It’s Like to Run A Design Thinking Workshop

What It’s Like to Run A Design Thinking Workshop

Are you familiar with the concept of “design thinking?” It’s a design process where designers interview and interact with real people...

Excerpts from “A Field Guide to Getting Lost”

Rebecca Solnit is a favorite of mine. Her essays in “A Field Guide to Getting Lost” are really resonating with me...

On Beauty, Seeing and Selfies

The thick walls rise up on either side of me. As I walk along the narrow passageway, it becomes a small...