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A writer and marketer with 8+ years of experience, I am constantly experimenting with online marketing, social media and content strategies for businesses.

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What’s New in Digital Marketing Land?

The past few months have been a positive time of creative reflection and research and development. In my role as...

The 44 Training Program from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

A long time reader and big fan of, I recently completed a free series of video trainings that Leo Babauta...

powerful pose

Body Language & Presence

A few months back on a Saturday morning. I was reading a favorite blog and a link sent me to...

What It’s Like to Run A Design Thinking Workshop

What It’s Like to Run A Design Thinking Workshop

Are you familiar with the concept of “design thinking?” It’s a design process where designers interview and interact with real people...

Excerpts from “A Field Guide to Getting Lost”

Rebecca Solnit is a favorite of mine. Her essays in “A Field Guide to Getting Lost” are really resonating with me...