What’s New in Digital Marketing Land?

The past few months have been a positive time of creative reflection and research and development. In my role as Digital Strategy Director at Tempest, I have been taking a step back and thinking about how we build our SEO, content marketing, and email programs and services. I want our programs to deliver the greatest value, not just to our travel and tourism clients, but to the end user – the traveler and reader.

It’s rewarding to be able to look ahead and always evolve what I’m doing and what we’re offering. Here are a few recent subjects that have been top-of-mind with me:

Voice Search

I have immersed myself in voice search over the past year to find out how people use voice assistants in the travel and tourism space and build SEO and content strategies to align with this new channel. It’s been fun yelling at the Google Home and Echo in the office and voice still feels like the “wild west” with results fluctuating daily. Here’s a recent blog post I wrote for Tempest highlighting voice search basics and how digital marketers can reach voice users.

voice search

Native Advertising

Tempest’s monetization team is finding a ton of success in rolling out native advertising solutions on destination marketing websites that were using more traditional display and legacy programs. Here’s a post I wrote summarizing some of the big takeaways and successes we’ve seen so far.

native ads


Content-First: Thinking Like A Publisher

I had a blast presenting at Tourism Academy 2018 in Louisville, KY.  My talk focused on how big platforms like Google and Facebook are stealing away consumer’s attention and eyeballs. To win back visibility and reach, I recommend a content-first approach, focused on building local authority and leveraging long tail SEO opportunities. By thinking more like publishers and offering the best content about their communities, Destination marketers truly can become the local authorities for travel inspiration.

You can learn more and view the slides online.

All About Email

Email has been a workhorse for digital marketers for decades. But email is often overlooked by marketing departments because it lacks the bright-shiny-object appeal of social, chatbots, VR, and other emerging channels.  I don’t know about you, but I think email is having a “moment.” I am hungrily devouring long form email newsletters across a wide range of topics. My current favorites are Ann Friedman’s Weekly for her time-saving content curation and The Hustle for its hilarious, risky copywriting.

I recently got to attend the Litmus Live email marketing conference in Boston, which was an opportunity to meet other email nerds and find out how people are winning with email across a variety of industries. I recommend this event (they have additional instances in San Francisco and London) to anyone focusing on email. The content was actionable, and presenters shared a ton of real examples, data, and results.

litmus live boston

I am excited to take new email ideas from other sectors like e-commerce and non-profit back to the travel and tourism industry. My co-workers were teasing me when I got back to the office. They knew it was an impactful conference because I was wearing the conference t-shirt to work and added the first new sticker to my laptop in more than three years!

I’ll sign off by leaving you with two great resources for email marketing inspiration: Really Good Emails and Email Copy. Enjoy!

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