The 44 Training Program from Leo Babauta of Zen Habits

A long time reader and big fan of, I recently completed a free series of video trainings that Leo Babauta offered to his audience in celebration of his 44th birthday.

The 44 Training Program: Turning Uncertainty to Find Mindful Openness – is an email series of practices. When you signup, you will begin to receive emails sharing content around 11 mindfulness practices. The emails are timed in a progression to allow you to work through each of the 11 practices for 5-10 minutes per day. So the entire 44 Training Program lasts for 44 days. Everyone has 5-10 minutes per day to try something like this, so it’s a very minimal time investment with a potentially enormous reward.

Here are the stated goals and benefits of the program (from

  • Overcome uncertainty, anxiety, fear, discomfort and procrastination
  • Find peace, mindful openness, gratitude and joy
  • Transform your difficulties and pain into growth and beauty
  • Overcome any struggle you’re having right now

Since I enjoyed this series so much and found Leo’s videos so helpful, I wanted to go back and return to this practice on my own. So I’ve made a helpful list of the links to each of the 11 practices below for easy reference.

I do encourage anyone interested in this program to signup via email to get the full impact of timed reminders and a lot of great supportive content and advice along the way as you progress.

Thank you Leo for this amazing series!

Links to the 44 Training  Program Videos

 Intro Video

Preliminary Contemplation Vido

Practice 1: Breath Meditation

Practice 2: Body Scan

Practice 3: Curiosity & Welcoming

Practice 4: Dropping from Stories to the Body

Practice 5: Training in Uncertainty & Discomfort

Practice 6: Open Awareness

Practice 7: Loving Kindness

Practice 8: Tonglen (Sending & Receiving)

Practice 9: Tender Heart

Practice 10: Bodhisattva Path – Connecting to Others

Practice 11: Accept Everything

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