Remember To Write Like A Human

I am a big fan of the HBO show, “Silicon Valley.” I love how the show pokes fun at all the annoying tech tropes, including startups and their buzzword-laden elevator pitches. Today I was cruising articles on LinkedIn, and I stumbled upon a company in my news feed. I started to read the company description to find out what it was, when a wall of buzzwords hit me in the face.

The company description was so buzzwordy that it almost felt fake, as if someone had strung together a few sentences from one of those hilarious online business-speak generators. Below is the description with all the words blacked out except for the buzzwords.(Apologies if this is your company).

write like a humanI still don’t really know what this business does and this experience reminded me of how important it is to write simply and clearly. Here’s a blog post on that I really enjoyed. This post gives a few great before and after examples of how to write like a human and achieve greater success with your copywriting, marketing, and even interpersonal communication.

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