4 Good Reads About Google’s Panda Updates

It’s being reported around the web that Google is rolling out the next iteration in a series of algorithm updates that are focused on returning higher quality search results.

The Panda updates are meant to penalize black-hat SEO practices and prevent low-quality, keyword-laden material (written by content farms and spinners) from dominating search results.

If content used to be king, now content is a supreme being — and it’s all about quality.

Below are four useful links packed with tips about the Google Panda updates. Many businesses may need to update their existing content and rethink their SEO and content strategies in light of the changes.

  1. Google Panda 3.2 Update Confirmed
  2. Are You Making These 7 Panda-Punishing Content Mistakes?
  3. More Guidance on Building High Quality Sites
  4. How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts with These 13 Questions

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