What Do You Think of Youtube’s Redesign?

If you’re interested in the  Youtube.com redesign, then check out The New York Times article about the widespread backlash against the changes.

I spend an ample amount of time on Youtube looking for videos to embed on client’s websites and  I do miss the old willy-nilly look and feel of the site. Somehow I trained myself to navigate gracefully through all of that viral video clutter.

But now Youtube  looks like most other web properties: corporate and sterile.  I guess I am really mourning the loss of web site design circa 2005.

Here’s a really amusing quote from the New York Times piece about the impetus for Youtube’s design changes. The writer is talking about how Youtube did not make the changes with its users in mind, but instead with money on its mind:

“The more important audience lies in the advertising, media buying and television businesses, among the executives who have been watching homemade videos accrue millions of views and crying in anguish, ‘Nobody’s making any money off of this!’ They probably don’t even mind that they’re not making money; they just wish that someone were making money.”

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Photo credit: skippyjon

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