NFC Chips Spell the End of the QR Code

Image via Flickr user clevercupcakes

Wow. that was fast. QR codes, otherwise known as Quick Reply barcodes are already on their way out in the marketing and advertising world. Outside of major cities, I wasn’t sure that QR codes had really even taken off yet. I guess mobile software and location-based marketing are out-pacing the use of the QR code.

Check out these two linked articles on Business Insider that announce the end of QR codes.

1. The first article, Death to the QR Code, argues that the existing QR code technology is clunky at best. With users having to download the correct app, snap a picture and wait for the app to work. The mobile user has to be pretty invested in getting to the QR code destination in order to take all the necessary steps.

2. The second article, Google Kills Off Those Little Square Codes You Scan With Your Phone, announces the advent of NFC chips, little chips that will be installed in all the next-gen phones and mobile devices. With an NFC chip all the mobile user has to do is hold the phone near an outdoor advertisement and the phone will take the user to the related web destination. Google is rolling out the use of NFC chips in its Google places program. It recently handed out window decals equipped with the NFC technology to businesses in Portland Oregon as a trial.

You can read more about NFC chip payment capabilities on Business Insider here. Here’s a link to an article about NFC chips, Foursquare and Google on Mashable and one more about why this technology is over-hyped on TechCrunch.

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