Sometimes the Internet Gets All Crazy On You

A recent post I wrote for turned into a crazy comment war! When I wrote the post about cycling and acting as a bike ambassador, I never thought it would stir controversy.  I really just think this is a case of the internet being a place for anonymous opining, where people forget all sense of propriety and just want to “be right.”

The blog publisher responded twice in the comments. During his second comment intervention, the publisher promises to deliver a commenting policy in the near future. I am not sure if the comments are a good or bad thing for his site? Yes there’s a lot of good traffic coming to the post and a community of people talking, but after a while the comments have nothing to do with the content. I look forward to seeing the site’s new commenting policy.

I really think that if the comments were limited by number of characters allowed and also number of comments one person can make on each post, it may have solved some of the problems. Take a look for yourself at Bicycle Tucson.

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