Social Search & Why LinkedIn Marketing Matters

linkedin marketingI just wanted to make a quick post about an experience I had today with social search. Major search engines like Google are currently updating to include more social media content in search results.

At the moment, I am writing a series of landing page optimization case studies for Before writing, I need to go out and interview companies and agencies about their landing page tests and campaigns.  I have a few leads around this topic but always like to go out on my own and search to see if I can find “new blood.”

Today I went to Google and searched for phrases like “landing page agency,” “landing page testing” and “landing page optimization agency.” I got what I expected, a bunch of internet marketing agencies all ranking for top keywords and phrases around “landing pages.”

Social Search Surprise

But there was one surprise on page one of the Google search results. One of the hits on the first page was a LinkedIn Question and Answer thread about landing page agencies (On LinkedIn, any user can post a question to their network, or post a question in the discussion forum in LinkedIn Groups).

The LinkedIn question was from a person looking for a landing page agency and asking for recommendations. Savvy landing page agencies that actively market themselves on LinkedIn responded to the question offering their own services.

The Punchline

Now these landing page companies, who did not rank on page one of Google for “landing page” keywords and phrases, were on my radar as contacts for the story. What’s the benefit for the companies who marketed themselves on LinkedIn? They got on page one of Google and as a journalist, if I interview them for the story, I am basically giving them “free press.”

That’s just one example of why B-to-B marketers should be active on LinkedIn. Now back to writing!

2 Responses to “Social Search & Why LinkedIn Marketing Matters

  • I agree, this is an amazing new development for social search in general, and linkedin specifically. I have had a linkedin account for a long time, but have rarely used it, and absolutely not effective with it.

    Your find highlights the importance of not only participating in social media, but developing a strategy to take into account the changing landscape of the internet. There are huge opportunities out there, we just have to jump on them.

    Thanks for the great post.

    • Hey Chris- thanks for the thoughtful comment. I think the landscape will continue to change!

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