The in NY Times for Being a “Solvent” Boutique Blog

I’ve always enjoyed the because you never know whether you are going to read a post that could be in “US Weekly,” a great personal essay or a serious piece of journalism.

The Awl is a boutique blog with no start-up investors, a bunch of seasoned blogger/editors and a bevy of writers on all kinds of topics.  The is like a fresh antidote to Nick Denton’s or Arianna Huffington’s blog empires. The editors telecommute from home, eliminating the overhead of an office. It seems as though they like what they’re doing. Instead of being paid a salary at a well-funded site and taking orders, they can cover anything they want.

Check out the story in the New York Times today, about how the is finally becoming a solvent business. The site goes after “corporate sponsorships” that fit well with their audience, and they don’t have to rely on display advertising.

I hope their site does become profitable and establishes a precedent for other fledgling sites and all the editors and writers out there looking for a new business model and a way to keep working.

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