Ye Olde Bike Commute

Right after graduating college I lived in Williamsburg Brooklyn and commuted to a job at Astor Place. Via subway it only took 10 to 15 minutes.

On days when I was feeling a bit dare-devilish, crazy or a little depressed, I would bike to work over the Williamsburg Bridge and through the Lower East Side. I didn’t wear a helmet back then. I didn’t have one yet. It was kind of a treacherous ride and I’d always scare the crap out of my roommate by saying, ‘If a bus gets me today, I am ok with that.’

One morning I was cruising through the Lower East Side and saw my buddy from high school getting on his bike to go to work. We rode together for a few blocks. It was early Spring. What a coincidence? What fun.

I miss that ride. There’s nothing more New Yorkish than the smell of the Bowery at 8 am. I’ll bet it’s a lot safer to do that commute now that biking is growing in popularity. I’d guess there are more bikers, more bike lanes and more awareness.

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